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Essential Oil LED Night Light Bedroom Bedside Sleeping Table Lamp

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LED Lamps(Crystals Included)
LED Lamps(Crystals Included) + 3 Bottles of Essential Oil
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Product Features:

Soft light to accompany sleep, aromatherapy to help you sleep.

Natural crystal stones release natural energy.

Natural crystal minerals can absorb dust particles.

Remove air odor and inject fresh breath.

Light up crystal energy and fill with natural fragrance.

Remove air odor and improve indoor air quality.

Fantasy elk shape, with night light base design.

It is a crystal aromatherapy lamp, and it is also a small ornament that embellishes life.

Utilizing the porous structure of crystal minerals, it absorbs essential oils and releases fragrance.

Increase the contact area between the fragrance and the air, making the fragrance. spread wider and more evenly.