Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing
Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing
Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing
Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing
Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing
Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing
Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing

Outdoor Portable Camping Folding Rocking Chair Swing

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Portable Swaying Swing Chair Lazy Recliner For Garden or Outdoor Camp!

Welcome to the future of outdoor relaxation and indoor comfort. Introducing KTVHOMES – the groundbreaking portable rocking chair that blends the serenity of a hammock.

Designed for adventurers, remote workers, and anyone who cherishes their downtime, KTVHOMES is your passport to year-round comfort, anywhere.

You love the outdoors but find traditional hammocks cumbersome, requiring trees and complex setups. The average camper loses precious relaxation time. Furthermore, transitioning from outdoor to indoor comfort is a challenge with conventional options. Traditional rocking chairs offer comfort but lack portability, limiting their use to one setting. 

The KTVHOMES solves this by being a portable, rocking chair that sets up quickly anywhere, without the need for trees or complex setups. It's designed for both outdoor and indoor environments, ensuring comfort and convenience in every space. This innovation removes the barriers of traditional rocking chairs and hammocks, providing a versatile solution for comfort lovers everywhere.

KTVHOMES revolutionizes the way we relax by combining unmatched portability with the cozy warmth of a chair, all without the need for trees or complicated setups.

Whether you're looking to enhance your camping experience, add a touch of luxury to your home office, or simply enjoy a novel way to unwind, KTVHOMES delivers unparalleled comfort and convenience. 

Join us on KTVHOMES to be among the first to embrace the next level of relaxation.

The KTVHOMES is engineered for ease, requiring no tools for assembly. It consists of two main components that click into place effortlessly, allowing you more time to enjoy your surroundings. 

Our chair revolutionizes outdoor seating by eliminating the need for traditional setup supports like hooks or trees.

The KTVHOMES offers an innovative, hammock-style seat that allows you to sit back and sway gently.

The adjustable reclining feature means you can find the perfect angle for relaxation, while the design cradles you comfortably.

Constructed from high-strength alloy steel and layered with durable fabrics, the KTVHOMES supports up to 440 lbs (200kg).

Its robust design ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear from outdoor elements.

At just 7 lbs (3 kg), the KTVHOMES is designed for on-the-go adventures.

It folds into a compact form, fitting into the provided carry bag, making transportation and storage a breeze.

This feature allows for versatile placement in a variety of outdoor settings such as beaches, parks, and campsites, ensuring comfort and convenience wherever you go.

At KTVHOMES, trust and safety are paramount. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through rigorous testing and certification. We hold EU Certificate of Conformity, ensuring that KTVHOMES meets the highest standards of quality and safety on a global scale. These certifications reflect our dedication to providing not just innovative, but also reliable and safe products for our customers worldwide.

Estimated Delivery Dates:

- USA: 5-7 business days from the dispatch date for delivery.

- EU:  7-10 business days from the dispatch date for delivery.

Subsequent Batches:

Following the initial shipment, we will continue producing and shipping additional KTVHOMES Hammock Chairs. Further details and schedules will be communicated to backers as they become available.

Important Notes:

Tracking Information: All backers will receive an email with tracking information once their KTVHOMES Hammock Chair has been dispatched.

Customer Service: For any inquiries or support, please contact our customer service team at SERVICE@KTVHOMES.COM.

Updates: Stay tuned for regular updates on production and shipping schedules through our Indiegogo page and email newsletters.

Thank you for supporting the KTVHOMES Hammock Chair! We are excited to bring this innovative product to your outdoor adventures and relaxation experiences.

Our team at KTVHOMES is not new to the outdoor product scene. We have vast experience in creating OEM/ODM outdoor products for renowned outdoor brands. KTVHOMES underscores our dedication to quality and innovation, drawing from a rich background in manufacturing premium outdoor gear. KTVHOMES embodies this transition, showcasing our commitment to delivering excellence under our own banner. This project reflects our commitment to quality and innovation in our own brand.